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Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000

Name: GrimesX

Symbol: GRX

BSC Network

**45% Burned**

Tax: 10%

5%: Back to holders

2%: Burn

3%: To Marketing 

Marketing Wallet will hold 5%

Team Wallet will hold 3.5%

Team Wallet will be used to fill in the gaps for Marketing. Liquidity Tokens will be burnt.






GrimesX was thought out after the recent explosion of ELON themed coins. The dev's were already in progress with development for a project a name had yet to be decided on when one of the devs brought up discussion ELON'S partner, Grimes. With that said, GrimesX morals and values are dedicated to the investors. Just as Grimes is to Elon. This rocket will be governed by the community, fueled by the holders. GrimesX will be the MEGA ship, the first one to meet ELON on Mars!

Why GrimesX?